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Hello my name James Holmdahl. Since childhood I wanted to be a photographer. I love the outdoors and animals. In 2010,I decided to start buying good equipment and go after my dream of making the most exciting photographs I possibly could. I have sold most of my work at art shows, but this year, 2022, I decided to sell online. My landscape photography took years and long trips at the right time of year and then waiting patiently for the right conditions. My splash photography was created using many special effects such as swimming pools, fireworks, dry ice, propane, gas and oil, and large wooden tower with which objects were dropped in the pools. The Humor scenes were all done in real places with real effects. All were one shot captures, some requiring many, many attempts! My cat ''GEORGE POPPY JOHNSON" was addicted to water from his childhood, always jumping in the sink, bathtub, and puddles! TEKA my dog would do anything as long as you would play with her. Surfing, snowboarding, and even became the famous flying dog! She has appeared in several Ripley's Believe it or not books! I hope you enjoy what I have produced! Sincerely, JAMES HOLMDAHL.  

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